Steering Committee Interest Form

We’re excited to hear from you! 

Please fill out the simple interest form below and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule a time to talk with you. We’d rather talk face to face (or via video chat) instead of having you type a lot of information. 


Please look through this FAQ to learn more about what it would mean to work with us.

What is the time commitment to be on the Steering Committee and what are the expectations for involvement?

The time committment would be one steering committee meeting a month, checking in with projects you’re the liaison for (2 max), and quickly replying to time sensitive sponsorship requests. So ~3-6 hours per month. There may be more meetings while we’re still getting fully up and running but that should slow down as things get worked out.

How long are the terms?

Each SC member serves a term of 2 years. When a term expires we will check in and see if they want to stay on or leave the committee. 

What kind of people are you looking for?

We seek to add people who are:

  1. Active in the local community. Connected with groups doing on the ground work.
  2. With skills and/or knowledge that can benefit the group. Nonprofit experience, finance, fundraising, structure/process, etc.
  3. Experienced communicators. We are looking for people who can communicate well, are able to give and receive feedback, can navigate conflict, and can set and respect boundaries. 
  4. Excited about the Grassroots Connect mission and principles. We’ve spent a lot of time on the mission and principles and want people who are truly aligned and excited about doing this work in this way.