Grant Interest Form

Please fill out the simple interest form below and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule a time to talk with you. We’d rather talk face to face (or via video chat) instead of having you type a lot of information. You can find more information about our grant process below the form.

Only currently sponsored projects can apply for grants. If you’d like to be sponsored, you can fill out the project interest form here.

About Our Grant Process


  1. If there is money available, sponsored projects can apply for a grant at any time using the grant interest form above
  2. The Steering Committee will review the grant interest form and discuss what they’d like to know more about.
  3. The Project Liaisons will meet with the project to learn more about what the project will use the money for.
  4. The Steering Committee will decide whether to give the grant and for what amount. They will give an explanation if they decide to not give a grant or give less than what was asked for. 
  5. If the project receives the grant there will be no special reporting requirements in addition to regular reporting requirements for all sponsored projects. 

Decision-making Considerations

The Steering Committee will consider these factors when deciding how much to give to a project:

  • What is the money for?
  • Contextual considerations
    • The project’s ability to get money from other sources. How much might they get elsewhere? What other avenues for funding have they tried?
    • How much money they have currently
    • How much money they are requesting
  • Scale and long-term sustainability
    • Would receiving the grant materially change the way the project operates, or would it simply reduce fundraising efforts?
    • What if the project doesn’t get the money this time?
    • What if the project gets it now (and it materially changes how the project operates) and doesn’t get the money next year? Does it negatively affect long-term sustainability?
    • Are we changing the scale of the project with the grant?
  • The impact the project has on the community
  • The amount of money GC has available for grants and total amount requested from all projects