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If you’re interested in being fiscally sponsored, please use our Project Interest Form.

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Please look through this FAQ to learn more about what it would mean to work with us.

What does 'fiscal sponsorship' mean?

Instead of starting your own nonprofit, you can work with an existing 501(c)(3) public charity under an arrangement known as fiscal sponsorship. You can then receive the benefits of being a nonprofit such as tax-deductible donations and the ability to receive grants, under the sponsor's exempt status. 

What kinds of projects does Grassroots Connect sponsor?

We work with liberatory grassroots social justice projects that are connected to the Eugene/Springfield regional community and have demonstrated that they will follow through. 

Ideally the project would: Have at least two dedicated people, have a mission statement or something that lays out what they are doing, and already be active in some way in physical reality.

Projects must demonstrate a commitment to Black and POC liberation, decolonization, feminism, trans-inclusivity, accessibility, anti-authoritarianism, horizontally structured, anti-capitalist, pro-sustainability, etc. 

Projects must also align with our princples.

Will Grassroots Connect give me money or fundraise for me?

No. We do not provide money or fundraising services. We will get you set up with a bank account and can help you get set up with other fundraising tools.

How much does Grassroots Connect charge?


Most fiscal sponsors take 5-10% of the money their sponsored projects bring in. We don't want to profit off of your work so we have decided to not take a percentage of anything you fundraise.

We will have fundraising events to cover our costs and ask that projects help promote them.

Is Grassroots Connect going to take over my project?

No. We want to give you access to the advantages of being a registered non-profit organization without you having to deal with the government.

Legally, being fiscally sponsored means technically being apart of the sponsoring group. The government doesn't allow non-profits to just give that advantage to anyone. At Grassroots Connect, our goal is to shield you from from the bureaucracy as much as we can, and to make things as easy as possible, so you can continue operating as you want to.