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Grassroots Connect

We work to support and strengthen the capacity of locally-based, community social justice projects.


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What We Do

We serve as a nonprofit umbrella and financial sponsor for community groups that are not officially state recognized organizations. This allows small community groups access to many resources that would otherwise be unavailable:

  • Bank accounts
  • Fundraising tools
  • Applying for grants
  • PO Boxes
  • Renting space
  • Discounted services for nonprofits

We also help build connections between groups, provide organizational advice as requested, and support groups in fundraising. 

Our Principles

We are being intentional about trying to do things differently than traditional nonprofits, and we seek to not replicate oppressive structures and power dynamics. These are the principles that guide us.

Collective Liberation

Solidarity matters, in particular, with folks who are politically targeted and suffering under systems of oppression. In our work, community, and personal lives, we seek to dismantle white supremacy culture, racism, classism, capitalism, colonization, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism as interlocking systems of oppression. We are committed to developing resilience and intersectional solidarity through increasing collective access to resources and empowerment of folks in their social justice endeavors to transform the conditions and systems that make injustice possible. 

Adaptive & Generative

We strive not to use our principles, norms, or policies in a way that causes harm. We are continually open to feedback and trying new ways of doing things. We are always striving to adapt and improve processes and behavior, both internally and externally, to avoid replicating and perpetuating oppressive patterns and structures. We seek to shift into a culture where conflict and difference is generative.

Accountability & Practice

What we practice is what we are. We value personal and collective accountability where we are able to recognize power dynamics and center relationships. We seek to create space and time for relationship building. We believe that we must transform ourselves to transform the world (Grace Lee Boggs).

Interdependence & Decentralization

Interdependence and decentralization are about trust and relationships, where “the care is mutual, vision is held by each person, and people can speak their needs and be supported in having them met.” (amb, Holding Change). We seek feedback and make decisions as a group so everyone contributes to decisions that affect them.


We are committed to supporting small-scale projects, and we embrace flexible structures that plan for long-term sustainability. We believe that: “What we practice at a small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.” (amb, Emergent Strategy) 

Simplicity & Clarity

We value clear communication.  In order to increase collective access to resources, we seek to create simple structures and processes and reduce engagement with unnecessary bureaucracy.


As social issues are bigger than any singular organization, we are committed to working with other organizations and communities when we share a common cause. We collaborate while staying focused on our vision of transformative change.


We embrace our authentic selves and allow for the complexity of our lives. We respect the often emotional nature of social justice work and collective process. We bring vulnerability and compassion to dismantling our own conditioned responses in order to be embodied and present for collective work.


We bring playfulness and joy to our work. We seek to create a culture of celebration and appreciation.

Our Mission

Grassroots Connect supports and strengthens the capacity of locally-based, community social justice projects.

Connected Projects

Shelter Now!

Local builders and artists that create tiny homes for the unhoused in Eugene, OR.


A community-driven project aimed at fostering solidarity and support within the local community through small-scale mutual aid projects. 

Almaden Living Cooperative

A revolutionary upstart housing cooperative in Eugene, OR to address the pressing housing crisis.

Solidarity Share Fair

A really free market and fun social event with free food, clothes, supplies, massages, haircuts, music, services, and more.

Eugene Jail Support

Provides logistical and financial support to incarcerated individuals with a focus on people facing politically motivated arrests in the Willamette Valley.


Apokalypsis designs and facilitates workshops and courses to help individuals and organizations learn ways to create spaces of belonging and care for each other.

Connect with Us

Are you working on a project that could benifit from a bank account and non-profit status? Please contact us and we’d be happy to talk with you about how we can help! We strive to be fast and responsive to the needs of new groups.